Armenia Loses to Germany 4-1 In Final World Cup Qualifying Match

The Armenian national football team was outmatched Sunday as Germany dominated in Matchday 10 of World Cup Qualification. Possession consistently stayed in Germany’s offensive zone as the top 10 ranked nation in the world proved why they are one of the best.

Players like Thomas Müller, Ikay Gündogan, Kai Havertz, and Leroy Sane, all stars on their own teams, controlled the game and simply attacked Armenia’s defense, constantly creating chances on goal.

As a whole, Armenia did play better than they did against North Macedonia, as their defense seemed more intense and played up to the competition, understanding that one Armenian mistake could lead to a German goal. If Armenia played with this level of focus and competition against North Macedonia, as they did playing a much superior opponent in Germany, they may have won in their previous game.

Germany plays well when they quickly pass around in the offensive zone patiently waiting for the right opportunity. This happened when Germany played the ball around the right wing, with great combination play leading to a Kai Havertz goal off a cross.

This broke the ice as it seemed very difficult for Armenia to come back from any deficit against Germany. Whenever Armenia had the ball, at least two Germans were there to swarm the ball and immediately take over possession again. Throughout the game using their combination play and precision passing, Germany continued to get in behind Armenia’s defenders allowing for dangerous opportunities for Germany to score. 

When Germany was high in Armenia’s half they were prone to some counter-attack breakaway. On a few occasions, Armenia was able to trickle through on the break a few times but was not able to capitalize on their runs.

Armenia still looked alive in the first half, holding on to the one goal until the final minute Armenia’s defense allowed a penalty kick goal by Ikay Gündogan.

Going into the half, down 2-0 Armenia did not seem capable of a comeback. Once the game seemed to be in hand, Armenia was awarded a penalty kick for a foul right inside the top of the box and captain Henrikh Mkhitaryan buried it home giving the Yerevan crowd a moment to cheer.

This match concludes  Armenia’s journey to try and advance to the World Cup in Qatar as a disappointing match links with a frustrating second half of qualifying games. Armenia finished fourth in Group J.

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