Hovhannes Bachkov Releases Touching, Confident Statement After Winning Olympic Bronze In Boxing

Hovhannes Bachkov settled with a bronze medal after his semifinal loss to Keyshawn Davis in the men’s lightweight Olympic boxing tournament in Tokyo and it appears he has come to terms with not bringing home a gold.

Bachkov released a statement on Instagram in Armenian on Sunday, expressing gratitude for the bronze medal he earned in the Olympics.

“The Olympic Games are over, I return with a bronze medal,” Bachkov wrote. ” During these many years I was able to win medals from all possible tournaments for Armenian — from Europe, the world and the Olympic Games. I only did not have an Olympic medal and was able to add to my collection.

“I could not repeat Vladimir Yengibaryan’s success in becoming an Olympic champion, but with this medal I became the only boxer in the history of Armenia to win medals in all major tournaments. With these victories, I was able to set an example to then ew generation of boxers. I will try to make you happy with my victories for a long time. Thank you all, I love you, my Armenian nation. Thank you to my team, who are the best in their work.”


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  • Dear Mr. Khachaturian:
    I am the Co-Chair of Salmast Heritage Association aka SHA. We are a California non-profit 501C(3) educational organization. Our mission is to research, document, preserve and disseminate the History and Culture of Salmast, the 15th and largest province of Historic Armenia. I have been working on modifying/improving the our website; your uncle Zaven has been helping me with important facts and information, including you and Armenian Sports News. I have been searching for professionals movers and shakers with Salmast ancestry, dead or alive, in all industries. As of the moment, the page with Salmastetsi athletes, coaches, newscasters etc. is blank. I asked Zaven for help and he told me about you. I would love to post your bio and background on our website. I hope that works for you. You can email me, we can also talk on the phone: 818-430-7088. I look forward to hearing from you.



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