Telma Ghazarian Altoon Interview: Runner Trying To Bring Ultramarathons To Armenia

Telma Ghazarian Altoon may seem like your ordinary “Parskahye” mother in Southern California raising two kids in a wholesome Armenian household, but she’s also a physical specimen who competes and conquers long, grueling ultramarathons.

When she’s not tending to her family, Telma is running in triple-digit temperatures for two-three straight days to complete the races, which can last more than 100 miles. Now, Ghazarian Altoon is helping bring the sport to Armenia in order to help raise awareness about Armenian issues and show off the country’s beautiful landscapes to other athletes.

She spoke to ASN about the challenges of running in ultramarathons, how she got into it and how she plans to bring a race to Armenia in 2022.

Watch the full interview below.

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