Joaquin Caparros Reveals What Has Surprised Him Most About Living In Armenia

Joaquin Caparros has been spending plenty of time in Armenia ever since taking over as head coach of the national soccer team in 2020.

The Spaniard spoke with Armenian media for the first time in a live press conference setting to reveal Armenia’s roster for its upcoming World Cup qualification games and he was also asked about what has surprised him most about living in Armenia.

“The people. You all,” Caparros exclaimed through a translator. “Because during difficult times, any country, any person, any family, any team would have given up and failed. But you all did the opposite and rose up and this is what amazes me most. In Spain and other countries, we complain about insignificant things. And you guys, in a difficult situation were able to get back on your feet.”

Caparros took over during a tumultuous time in Armenia as the Artsakh War and Covid-19 ravaged the country. Since getting the job, the Spaniard has led Armenia to a 6-2-3 international record, including a 3-0-0 start in the UEFA World Cup qualifiers.

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